Tuesday, 10th April, 1866

Almost as cold as December. Zac and Hardie caught 25 shad last night, making 300 in all. – – Nan missed her chill today. Hardie gave her the quinine when he and Zac came in from floating last night about 12. I had retired. She sat up in order to take it at that time, as her chill came on so early in the morning. – – Ju came by on his way from the W. O. and sat one hour or two. I laid down after dinner feeling very badly, and Hardie read aloud till I fell asleep. Bettie came just as I was about to get up and brought Buck, who will remain the rest of the year for his victuals and clothes, agreeably to an understanding between Frederick and myself. – – Bettie brought me some nice salad, and I sent Parky some sausage.