Wednesday, 11th April, 1866

Very gloomy, disagreeable weather. Hardie and Zac caught 18 shad last night, making 318 in all. – – He and Bill went shooting snipes and killed 15. Found a boy to row the boat and brought him up with him, a small boy that used to belong to Col. King. Patsy weeded my square of peas this evening after cleaning those 18 shad, making 82 salted. Zac brought a pair of shoes to stretch for the Col., shotteshed and danced in some time in the parlor.1What was Zac is doing in the parlor besides dancing? Click on “shotteshed” above and make suggestions.  – – Nan was well enough to play a few airs. – – She has just learned a pretty little song from one of my family’s Journals, “Halie’s Secret” 2 “ of my family’s Journals.” suggests an Ellett family tradition of journal keeping, well before Caroline began keeping a journal of her own. And I have been unable to find any references to a song by that name. – – She and I went down and made some excellent buns today. The best I ever tasted, we really enjoyed them. – – Nan has a very sore mouth from fever, the most she complains of now. – – Hardie and the little boy went out floating before dark. It has drizzled rain most all day.