Friday, 13th April, 1866

A beautiful morning. At Hardie’s earnest entreaty, I sent Shakespeare to the field by Addison to take Fannie’s place in the plough for him to ride her down the County. – – My heart often sickens at the prospect ahead. My hopes have ceased to climb, and I often find myself sitting like “Patience on a monument smiling at grief.” 1Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night, Act 2, Scene 4. Spoken by Viola, concealed as Cesario to the Duke, Orsino. – – Hardie started about nine o’clk. Took a box of “photographs” he brought from Annapolis and those he brought from Paris. Miss Lockhart was acquainted with some of the officers and wished to see them, I believe. Patsy prepared a square and sowed long snaps and butterbeans. Nan planted a row of onion button, particular kind. I planted cucumber seed among the onion hills. – – Cut a large dish of asparagus today. – – Mr. Crouch brought a cooking stove down from Richmond purchased by Liv. – – Nan is very much delighted, but I think she will soon get tired of it. New things take very well for a while, but old ones endure. I bought it only for an emergency. – – Paid Mr. Crouch $2.75 to bring it down. – – Jim carried some cultivators to the Acquinton Church for repair and brought me two pounds red paint. – – Zac came by then and brought a pair of shoes for Nan. – – He and Randall went out floating. Only caught 3 shad, making 347, and Hardie 12, making 359.