Tuesday, 17th April, 1866

Quite cold, rainy and disagreeable. Patsy thought she had best wash today as it was not fit for garden operations. Took the skirts off one of my Va. Cloth dresses for her to wash and turn, and as she had quite a day’s washing, I thought I would try my hand on the cooking stove for dinner. Succeeded very well for the first attempt. They enjoyed dinner extravagantly. Took supper in the same room. First meal and they were all so pleased with the new room and thought it so suitable. The boys assisted me in moving some bedsteads, &c in different rooms for summer. Changed their room. Had the loom put in the office and a corded bedstead. – – Zac returned from school early this evening. Staid at his Uncle Hill’s on account of the rain. The Col. sent by him to enquire whether I would sell him some bacon. – – Bill rode to the Acquinton Church today and paid for Nan’s shoes $2.25, and returned the other pair.