Friday, 20th April, 1866

A pretty day. I remained in bed till 10 o’clk. Arose feeling very feeble. Nan had a cup of coffee and some nice batter cakes for me. She did up the cuffs and frills nicely. Patsy ironed, was sick yesterday and the day before. Hardie got some pea sticks and stuck in another row of peas. He is such an obliging, good child. I shall miss him so much when he goes away, which he speaks of doing as soon as the boat commences running, either to Baltimore or New York. I gave Zac $3 this morning to get a pair of shoes at the Church. Hardie caught the second mole today, fixed the trap yesterday morning. They are very destructive in my garden. Bill’s having the potato ground broken up by Washington. – – I took blue mass tonight and made quinine pills for tomorrow. I do dread another chill so much.