Monday, 23rd April, 1866

A real foul day, showery. I am in bed nearly all day. Succeeded in stopping my chill. – – Bill attended court. Was taken with one as he was about to start. I gave him $22 to pay off some little bills. He was informed today that a suit would be instituted at the May Term in the “Merideth Case.” Hardie went floating with Addison and caught 81 herrings and 24 shad. John Littlepage came tonight to float with Hardie, caught 20 shad and 56 herring.1Likely John Lewis Littlepage, 31, one of the sons of Col. Edmund Littlepage and thus one of Hardie’s 1st cousins. We’ve caught 416 shad, including those caught tonight, Johnny having taken out his part. – – As the garden is too wet to work, I gave Patsy some wool to commence spinning for my stockings.