Wednesday, 25th April, 1866

A cloudy, rainy, cold day. Bill and Nan remained in bed to take quinine. Nan succeeded in stopping hers, but Bill had a severe one and suffered very much. – – Hardie administered quinine to us all. I fixed a bosom on one of Bill’s shirts. – – Patsy weeded my square of corn, and onions cut up through inattention to what I said to her about a good many different things I had planted among the onions. – – I sold Randall a meddle of bacon today.1A “middling of bacon” is a common cut of pork. Caroline uses that term twice in her Journal. But here she clearly writes “meddle.” Planted two rows snaps, one Mrs. Tebbs kind and the other Roses’ kind, or rather my old kind. I cooked dinner on the stove today, supper also. – – But I don’t believe I am adapted to the business, but I reckon I can do what others can. I am willing to contribute all I can in the great drama.