Friday, 27th April, 1866

Quite cool again today. I made quinine pills for Bill. He succeeded in missing his chills, went in the dining room and remained till 2 o’clk. Did some little fixments in there for me, put up a shelf, &c. He and I are both suffering with sore mouth, nose and lips. Nan has gotten along very well today. Made all four sleeves to her shirts. We have 2 beautiful cats, Edna and Frolic, with a family of kittens a piece, most interesting sight. – – Mrs. Lipscomb came this evening. I promised her two kittens. Gave her a bottle of molasses, some asparagus and snaps to plant. – – Hardie returned to supper, and to my chagrin, forgot to bring my bird. – – Zac left for school with the intention of spending the evening and perhaps night also at Dr. Lewis’ in order to attend the singing at Acquinton Church. John Lewis came this evening to float, only caught 5 shad in all.1This is probably cousin John Lewis Littlepage who floated with Hardie 4 days ago. The only other local “John Lewis” is John Roland Lewis who was known as Roland when a young man. But Caroline always refers to him in this volume as Roland Lewis. – – Patsy worked in the garden all day today. – – It seems to me that I am all the time going about the house and fixing something. Nan will commence her studies I hope regularly next week. She has been prevented a good deal by sickness and Liv’s shirts, which she promised to make.