Sunday, 29th April, 1866

Quite a pretty day, but for being windy. Zac took Nan in the buggy to Acquinton to hear Mr. Caraway, an Episcopal Minister. Hardie rode a mule. Bill remained at home, and I went in the carriage to Zion, drove Shakespeare and George, Washington to drive. Returned by Ju’s to dinner and home to supper. The children arrived from Acquinton before I did. – – Liv had sent a nice parcel of beautiful plants for Ju and myself (tomato). I brought mine down in the carriage to transplant tomorrow. – – Zac received a letter from Bake, enclosing one to me also. – – Received the 8 remaining No’s of the Herald of Volume 1861.1

  1. 1861 was the last publication year of Dr. John Thomas’ Herald of the Kingdom and Age to Come. While the American Civil War disrupted Dr. Thomas’ periodical writings, he used the time to travel, work on his three-volume Eureka, and coin the unifying name Christadelphian.  (back)