Monday, 30th April, 1866

Fine dew this morning and seasonable weather. The plants look very well put out Saturday evening. – – Hardie’s busy packing his trunk for Baltimore and dividing his clothes. It makes me feel right sad. He has been at home so long, but he is doing himself too much injustice for me to wish him to remain. I hope it will all be for the best, and though dark clouds sometimes gather, there is an assurance to the Christian that even thou clouds we so much dread, may he by his mercies break the blessings on our head.1Certainly Caroline’s off-the-top-of-her-head version of lines from stanza three of William Cowper’s “God Moves in a Mysterious Way.” The church Caroline attended, Zion, would soon take the denominational name Christadelphian, which was footnoted earlier. For a contemporary Christadelphian analysis of the hymn, click here. Therefore, we should not despair or despond while we have a kind, merciful Father who is able to do all things. – – Hardie and I transplanted about 150 tomato plants, including those Liv sent me. – – Bill set those potato plants left drawn Saturday evening. – – Patsy worked in the garden today. I cooked dinner. Had an excellent molasses pudding. I begin to improve very much on the stove and feel quite proud that I can do such nice cooking and all enjoy it so much. Make delightful soup, and have a variety of dishes the little stove cooks, and most excellent family dinner, and Buck and Addison render all the assistance I need.