Tuesday, 1st May, 1866

A fine, balmy morning and occasionally a shower. Patsy washed today. I washed a flannel coat for Hardie and cooked dinner again today. Had a nice peach roll for dinner. The children are all pleased when I cook because I always have other than ordinary, generally have three courses. – – Nan finished off Liv’s shirts today. She deserves credit. – – Received a note from Mr. Shackford requesting me to loan a Mr. Chilton some corn. I made up my mind to do so, as he is a poor man and can neither buy or borrow.1Mr. Shackford is certainly Methodist minister John William Shackford who lived at “Orange Grove,” just across the river from Woodbury in King and Queen County. Reverend Shackford’s wife is Martha Cole [McLelland] Shackford, a sister-in-law of Evelyn McLelland, who is identified in a footnote on 9 January, 1865. Their son Joseph Wesley Shackford will begin a diary in two years that will be published in 1991 as The Diary of Joseph Wesley Shackford: King and Queen County, Virginia, 1868-1893. As far as the unfortunate Mr. Chilton, the 1870 US Census for King and Queen County lists only one Chilton household, that of Cornelius Chilton. – – We transplanted a sufficient number of plants to make up about 1800 or 2000 set out. Clarissa, John Banks, Patsy transplanted, Hardie assisted also. I drew the plants and Bill bedded the ground. Had a fine rain just as we finished with a great deal of thunder. – – My garden, but for moles, would be very fine. Peas are beginning to fill. We have lettuce and onions most every day.