Wednesday, 2nd May, 1866

A most disagreeable day, cold and windy, and unpleasant altogether. I drew several hundred potato plants for Patsy to transplant the two rows left yesterday evening. After that had snaps sowed in the missing Irish Potato rows, planted corn and some cabbage plants also. The moles have made havoc of a great many Potatoes. – – Patsy replanted beets. The worms have eaten nearly all that came up. – – If Eve had never eaten that fatal apple we should not have all these evils to contend with. – – It has just been discovered that the promising crops of wheat are destroyed by the fly. Who can calculate with very certainty on anything transitory? – – Ju came down this evening and spent a few hours. Says he’s coming down soon to take dinner, one cooked on the stove. A family dinner. Hardie went to the White Oak and took dinner. – – Zac entered as a scholar to the singing school today.