Thursday, 3rd May, 1866

The weather very cool for the season. – – Bill undertook to open the rows for planting field peas, but only opened a few rows. Patsy planted those and went about dinner. Hardie walked to C. H. and returned to dinner. Brought a late paper. The Yankee Congress is doing things up finely now for the poor down trodden, subjugated South. Yankees and Darkies are to do all the voting and Southerners are to acquiesce with their mouths shut till 1870.1Caroline seldom mentions national politics. But today she unloads. Earlier this year President Andrew Johnson began losing influence in Congress and control of his moderate Reconstruction program. The Joint Committee on Reconstruction was beginning to position Congress as the forum where reconstruction would be decided, not the White House. A year from now Johnson will be impeached and barely hold on to the Presidency. Specifically, Caroline may have been reacting to the passage a month or so earlier of the Civil Rights Act, over Johnson’s veto. – – Nan ironed some shirts very nicely for the boys, including the two she made for Liv, which she is very proud of, as they were her first attempt. After that she and I went down and made and baked on the stove a nice parcel of 1 2 3 4 cakes. The stove bakes beautifully. I am more and more pleased with it every day. I think Patsy’s getting right jealous. I am certainly devoted to the little dining room. – – Engaged Clarissa to milk morning and night for a stipulated price.