Friday, 4th May, 1866

Quite a pretty morning, but clouded up and promises some rain this evening and quite cool withall. – – Zac dressed before he started to school in order to attend a concert this evening by some of the scholars. Hardie went to Mrs. Hill’s after dinner by Hal’s invitation to eat ice cream, and Bill has gone to Canton to buy shoes. Gave him $5.50, rode Fannie. – – Patsy planted early peas today, and in order for her to finish I cooked dinner. Buck is a nice little hand about the stove. – – Boiled a large ham and had some ½ doz. dishes. I certainly am improving rapidly. Begin to feel proud of my qualifications as a cook. My first one or two attempts were disheartening in the extreme, but I certainly enjoy it now. Plenty of nice lettuce every day with onions, which the boys enjoy very much.