Saturday, 5th May, 1866

Zac is busy fixing his trellis, but went with me in the garden after breakfast and transplanted some burr artichokes Mrs. Hill sent me by Willie Boykin to the school house yesterday and Zac brought them this evening.1Jerusalem Artichokes were sometimes called Burr Artichokes. This from Classical Southern Cooking (2008) by Damon Lee Fowler: “This fine vegetable was enjoyed in the South for hundreds of years, first by Native Americans and later by European settlers. Once, it was so popular that older cookbook authors simply called them “artichokes” and distinguished the real thing by calling it a “burr” artichoke. Sadly, in this century this delicate vegetable has fallen unaccountably out of favor, and has been relegated mostly to the pickle jar.” Also brought some tin pans from the store at Acquinton Church. I will keep two and return one. – – Zac rode Fannie away on some business for Bill this evening and returned after we had finished supper. Hardie has not returned yet.