Monday, 7th May, 1866

I think the weather has moderated some, though we had frost again last night. Hardie has been busy all day making a cross for the front yard. Fixed it in the ground and sowed the seed this evening, something to remind me of him when he is gone. Will leave tomorrow in Capt. Bramble’s vessel, will not wait for the steamboat any longer. – – Bill wrote some letters for him tonight. Zac informed me when he returned from school that Hal had sent my bird to Ju’s, so I engaged Washington to go up for it. We sat up till he returned with the bird and some things sent down by Mr. Perkins, my umbrella, music for Nan, and a letter a piece from Mary and Liv.1 I am sorry to hear of the disaster among her vegetables from the recent hall storm, also the injury she has sustained in crushing the glass in windows and hot beds. – – We put the little bird in the cage with the other, and Hardie and Bill laughed immoderately at the introduction between the two. Hal and Hardin are their names. Bake named them before she left, but I don’t think I can let her take them away when she comes, if she comes this summer, which I hope nothing will prevent. Hardie took a $20 gold piece out of his pocket book and I gave him $10 in greenbacks, which was all I believe he carried with him, except $5 in Va. money.

  1. In 1854 Alexander H. (A. H.) Perkins is listed on the KW Land Tax Rolls as purchasing 235 acres of land 3 miles NW of KW Courthouse from Horace Waring. The KW US Census six years later lists him, a 40 year-old M.D., living with wife Martha, 30, and others, George, 2, and Frank, 20 (Brother?). In another 3 years Perkins additionally owns nearby “Sunnyside,” recently purchased from Mr. John H. Pitts. No local Virginia taxes were collected in 1864, nor rolls made. In 1865 we find no Perkins listed on the PP Tax Roll, and while A. H. is still listed as owning both tracts of land, his residence is given as Chesterfield County. By the time Caroline writes of a Mr. Perkins a year later, Alexander H. is listed as living in Fauquier County. And while he still owns “Sunnyside” he has sold all but 60 acres of the other property to recently married Col. H.C. McLaughlin. But as Alexander H. disappears from the PP rolls, two new male Perkins appear, Jno. W. and William. One of these, certainly related somehow to A. H., is likely the one to have sent down some things to the Littlepages.  (back)