Tuesday, 8th May, 1866

Quite a pretty morning. Gave directions to Patsy last night to have an early breakfast for Hardie to take the boat, had to go some distance down the river. I fixed up some things such as I thought would be most suitable for the boat, a shoulder of bacon, shad, herrings, sausage, meal, asparagus, peas, butter, &c, &c. He left about ½ past six. Washington took him down the river in the boat. He didn’t return till night nearly. The vessel had gone lower down the river. – – I’ve been sad today at his departure. Went in his room and had it nicely cleaned up and floor washed by Patsy. – – Nan and I wrote to Mary and Liv and sent the things he requested. Nan sent his two shirts she made and some old seine for fixing up tomato plants. – – I wrote to Mary and she to Liv and sent the things by Buck. – – Went in the garden and sowed some radish seed in my hot bed this evening. – – Gave Nan a hen and four turkeys. It would be useless for me to attempt to raise turkeys and they with her pig to feed will be some amusement for her. She gets so lonesome sometimes. – – The Col’s. sick, not at school today, not Frank either.