Wednesday, 9th May, 1866

I am feeling right much indisposed this morning.- Laid in bed till after sunrise. – – After breakfast I repaired two shirts for Bill and Zac. Came on a rain a about ten o’clk., and Bill went to the barn with the hands and had barn house work done. – – Zac prepared himself to attend the singing school today. Gave him $1 to purchase a book and $.50 to pay for some blank books for bookkeeping. – – I doubled yarn for stockings for myself and Patsy twisted it while it was raining, after raking the potato beds. We transplanted about 1000 plants this evening. I drew most of them up. Got right much sprinkled, and Nan had me a nice cup of hot coffee when I came in. – – Zac does not return tonight. He’s becoming quite a lady’s man and quite popular with the girls. – – A tremendous rain this evening, accompanied with thunder and lightning. Nan is so much afraid of it. Do miss Hardie so much, I don’t know what I shall do when he gets married and leaves me altogether, if I am living then, i.e.