Thursday, 10th May, 1866

Fine day after so much rain. Zac returned to breakfast, having spent the night with Johnny Willeroy at Acquinton Church store. Attended the singing yesterday, failed to get his book though. – – We all walked over the garden after breakfast, and Nan and I found some ripe strawberries. I couldn’t help plucking them, they were so enticing. The two birds, Hal and Hardie as they are named, have scraped the acquaintance of each other, but Hal stands upon her dignity. Devonshire floated for herrings seine yesterday and today.1 Caught 75 yesterday and 90 today, making 165 salted up by us. – – Patsy brought the hot bed frames to put away, and while I was in the store room, Lu Lipscomb and her brother came. Spent the evening and night. Aylett returned home with the carriage.2 – – The children sat up quite late in the parlor playing. Nan and Lu slept in the room over the back chamber. I slept in the chamber alone. – – Took Buck with me upstairs and had everything put in place ready for morning. Retired at 12. If it were not that I get right tired sometimes, I prefer having few darkies about me. They require so much looking after.

  1. Devonshire White appears in the 1866, ’67, & ’68 KW Personal Property Tax Rolls. No further reference to him has been found.  (back)
  2. No one with the first name Aylett has been found in KW public records for this time period. However, since Caroline writes that “Lu Lipscomb and her brother came,” and “Aylett returned home with the carriage,” it seems likely Caroline was referring to Lu’s younger brother Ellett, b. 1847, and mistakenly wrote Aylett instead. (Remember that Sterling Brett Lipscomb married Caroline’s cousin, Angelina Ellett.) Inconsistency in the public record about the name of Sterling Brett Lipscomb’s second child and first son will follow him to his Certificate of Death in 1933.  (back)