Sunday, 20th May, 1866

Quite a pretty day, but Bill’s indisposition renders it necessary for me to remain at home. Nannie and Zac went in the buggy to Zion and returned to dinner. Horace dined here. Zac returned with him for some letters he told me were at Ju’s for Hardie and Bill. – – Nan received an invitation to a Pic Nic and Tournament at West Point Church.1West Point Church is the 19th century name of colonial era St. Johns Church, completed about 1734. It was built about the same time, and in the same style, as Acquinton Church. It is located about 9 miles west of West Point on the “Ridge Road,” modern Route 30. More about tournaments on 8 June. Mag sent me word by Horace she would spend the day with me tomorrow. I shall be glad to see her for I expect to spend the day very lonely if Nan and Zac attend the Pic Nic.