Monday, 21st May, 1866

A lovely day. Nan and Zac started to the Pic Nic. – – Drove one of Ju’s mules. Returned after dark and said Miss Jennie Henley and Mr. Walker had gone on to Mantua Ferry, but would return here if they found any difficulty in crossing.1Mantua Ferry was mentioned in a footnote back on 25 April last year. The crossing is downriver from Woodbury just before White Oak Landing. The ferry provides easy access to the Stevensville section of King & Queen County from King William. It is named for the Mantua plantation in King and Queen County. After waiting some time, they concluded to take supper and gave them out, but before they finished, their buggy drove around the circle and I sent supper in the parlor to them and retired soon after, it being about ten o’clk. – – Gave Bill quinine today, but it did not prevent his chill. He was very sick with it. I spent quite a lonely day. Looked for Mag, but I suppose something prevented her coming. Made some delightful strawberry tarts and custard and enjoyed them extravagantly by myself. Parky and Patty came in to see me. Gave them some early peas and loaf bread. Gave buttermilk and bread to Scott and Frank, who came to see me also. Buck had just churned on Bill’s account. – – Jim and Washington returned from Richmond. The latter brought several letters, one from Sadie Hopson, one from Bake, and one from little Rosa Hanes. Pigeo was indisposed and Sadie wrote at her request. I appreciate her letters.