Tuesday, 22nd May, 1866

Another pretty day. Jennie and Melvin Walker started very early in order to meet with Mrs. Henley at Walkerton on her way to Richmond.1While Caroline clearly spells “Melvin” she must have been referring to Melville Walker. See footnote for 9 January, 1865. She will spell his name correctly eventually. Also eventually, Melville Walker and Jennie Henley will marry. But that will happen 3 November, 1868, well after this volume of Caroline’s Journal ends. I sent $1 by Jennie for her mother to get some trimming for Nan’s jacket. Bill is out of bed some today, but very feeble. – – Patsy worked in the garden some before dinner and ironed a few things after dinner. I starched some shirts and sprinkled the clothes, and I do get so tired doing things I’ve not been accustomed to, but if I have health, my strength will improve. I’m fond of exercise, but not without limit as I sometimes give into myself. I try to do myself what I used to think an imposition almost for ½ day, but it’s only when I feel badly that I take it to heart. Bill walked to show Nan where a strawberry patch was. She got a nice bucket full.