Tuesday, 5th June, 1866

Quite a pretty day. Liv made an early start for Oakland. Fixed him up a snack. Zac took a ride with him, neither waited for breakfast. I am right much indisposed today and yesterday too from sitting up rather late. Mary and I sat up very late tonight talking and reading letters. I did some repairs to the boys’ drawers and shirts today. – – Mary and I sat in the dinning room while we had a nice supper prepared early in the evening. She enjoyed it so much, i.e., as far as her health would permit. – – She had a violent fit of hysterics after supper and I determined to send for Ju in the morning. Gave Liv $5 for Pigeo. – – Zac brought letters from Hardie, one from Danville, one from Liv and anĀ ambrotype from Pigeo.