Saturday, 9th June, 1866

It bids fair to be a fine day for Mary to travel. I sat up very late last night writing to Pigeo. Gave Mary $5 more for her, making 10 with what I gave Liv. Gave her $17 for Zac and 1 for Nan, making $28 in all. I am very particular, because money is so hard to get and there is such demand for all I have. I just begun to realize that Mary has spent a week with me. She came so unexpectedly and being sick gave me some uneasiness of mind and now that she is so much better and gone, I grieve for her absence and feel as if I wanted her with me so much, but I know that she is too much wanted at home to remain longer, so I must be contented. – – Bill attended the Militia Meeting at the C. H. – – Brought another letter for Hardie, which I felt it my duty to reply to in his absence, and accordingly wrote a response to the letter and will send it to Richmond by the first opportunity.