Saturday, 23rd June, 1866

Another fine morning. Sent Pigeo’s letter to the C. H. by Bill this morning. He has gone to several places on business of some sort or other. – – Zac finished weeding watermelons this morning. – – I shall begin to expect Pigeo and Bake home now every day, i.e., when this month is out. Hardie’s coming too in the course of a month, and then I hope we will all have a pleasant time together. Mary, Ju and Liv will make up the number, including of course their families. – – Sold Frank 500 potato plants @ $.30 paid $1. – – Cut out two shirts for Bill. Mrs. Lipscomb came on an errand, gave her some trifles. – – Zac walked to the C. H. this evening. He and Bill returned to supper.