Monday, 25th June, 1866

Exceedingly warm. Jim brought a load of wood this morning and then went about hauling wheat. He could not get on very well with the steers, so he had the wagon hitched, contrary to Bill’s instruction. He attended Court today. There was a notice sent me by the Comm. General in Chancery regards that long pending suit against Meredith’s administrator, which he turned over to Maj. Douglass, who will be here about the first of August to examine papers. I wish it was all over. I dislike a state of suspense so much. – – I sent word to Rose today by Zac that I would spend the day with her tomorrow if nothing prevents. Nan and I made a little commencement on Bill’s shirts, but she had to attend to the wheat being put in the barn by Bill’s request and so did but little on them. She and I went in the garden about sunset and picked a nice dish of peas for tomorrow dinner. Buck has not returned yet, he is sick I imagine. John cleaned today very nicely. He likes to do any little thing he can, it amuses him.