Monday, 2nd July, 1866

The weather continues pleasant. Nan and I are a little indisposed, or at least we are feeling sad. Hardie walked to the C. H. after dinner, assisted Zac in planting his potatoes before dinner (two bushels). Carried 6 bushels corn to Walkerton Mill and brought the meal home. Washington’s fallowing for peas, with Shakespeare and George. I am afraid though it will be money thrown away. It’s too late to realize a crop, although we paid 9 pr. bushel for them in Baltimore. – – Washington churned this morning. Hardie walked to the C. H. this evening and returned just as we had finished super. I went in and had a little cool milk brought from the spring, and he enjoyed it very much with some nice fashion bread I have been having for them, of which they are all so fond. Brought Nan a ticket for the Tournament at W. Point on the 4th of July.1I have yet to find a newspaper account of this 1866 Tournament at West Point. But if you click here you can read an account in the Richmond Dispatch of a similar event at King William Courthouse three years later in September of 1869. As I have not been able to find an appropriate “Annie” Littlepage, I believe the visiting correspondent is referring to our Ann Elizabeth (Nannie/Nan) Littlepage.