Tuesday, 3rd July, 1866

Quite warm today. Patsy’s working over the garden, it had gotten very grassy while she was in the corn field. Bill spent the day at the Court House, rode Fannie. Returned after all had supped. Finished off two shirts for them today. Nan assisted me. – – Poor old Shakespeare laid down in the plough about an hour by sun. Washington came to inform me, had him brought and put in the yard. He was too tired, he only laid down to rest. Gave him some meal at the smoke house. Hardie went to the corn house and let Washington fill the tumbrel body with husks and bring down for the cooking stove. Gave Washington $3 to get shoes for their celebration of the 4th at “Point Lookout.” 1Point Lookout, Maryland, you will remember, is the Union prisoner of war camp where Caroline’s son Liv was held for many months. Her substitution of that place name speaks of her strong feelings about northern influence in the small but growing community that is becoming the Town of West Point, Virginia. Hardie loaned me one dollar to make the change.