Monday, 9th July, 1866

Not quite as warm today as yesterday. – – Pigeo and Nan cut out a body a piece, one of brilliant and the other tucked muslin. – – Patsy’s washing, and it falls to my lot to get dinner, but I shall not hurt myself doing that, it’s too warm. Bob commenced sowing plaster this morning on the fallow peas. Todd Harris came for money, but didn’t get it.1We met Todd’s family back on 11 December last year. Came on to rain about 5 o’clk. and of course washed all the plaster off the peas. Don’t know whether they will be benefitted by it at all. – – Paid Bob 62 and ½ cents for the time he sowed. Bill and I counted up the bacon, only 116 pieces, 4 pieces too little. Don’t know how to acct. for it. I am very particular in numbering the pieces used. Had 174 pieces in February.