Monday, 16th July, 1866

I arose quite early this morning. Addison came in and said Patsy would not be out to get breakfast on account of her toe, so I went down and soon had it ready myself. – – Zac went with Bill to get up his hogs. They returned about ten, brought most of them home and put them in a pen. – – Mr. Henley sent his two little sons for a hog of his we had in a pen, taken in the potato patch rooting them up. After getting breakfast, Zac brought George and he and I spent the day at Ju’s quite pleasantly. Called on Mrs. Slaughter, i.e., Mag and I did. – – We returned home to supper. (Gave Pigeo and Nan some darning to do today by way of recreation.) On account of moving some hogs from Enfield, two died, which mortified Bill very much, injured another also.