Thursday, 26th July, 1866

The weather continues threatening. Notwithstanding, Zac went in the boat to Hillsborough for Miss Jennie Henley to accompany them, Pigeo, Nannie and himself to the Exhibition. They will go in the wagon and drive George and Mr. Cooke’s horse. Misses Clarkson, Walker and Cooke came to escort them up. Mr. Cooke went in the wagon with them. Zac drove. – – I had a very nice dinner prepared for them to carry. Engaged Clarissa to attend and take care of the things. – – Bill gathered some watermelons for the occasion. – – Zac gathered corn for corn pudding before starting away in the boat. – – Martha is doing me the favor to overseam my chemise. – – We being the only occupants, the house is very quiet. Bill’s about the turnips, finished this evening. Had some blk. radish seed sowed and some white turnips also. – – Clarissa returned home from the Exhibition about 6 o’clk. with basket dinner went in, but now broken crockery, which they handed out to her to take home, as they went on to the C. H. without my knowledge or permission to join in a dance at a surprise party, greatly to my chagrin and mortification. Bill and I sat up till near eleven and retired, had supper put away, thinking they would come some time during the night.