Saturday, 28th July, 1866

We have very cool morning and evenings, and the rest of the day excessively hot. – – I enjoyed a fine watermelon Bill sent me unexpectedly from the barn about eleven. – – Mrs. Crow came for some things for Mrs. Lipscomb. She is still sick. Sold Mrs. Crow a pound butter for Washington. Is to pay in a few days. Zac was anxious to have gone over to Mr. Henley’s to accompany them to the association tomorrow, but a shower of rain prevented him. Liv started for Bruington after dinner on Fannie, but got no farther than Mr. Cooke’s. The rain prevented him also. He returned in the night some time. – – I am at work on my linen chemise and Nan complaining. Pigeo making a buff jacket. Bill shelled out upwards of 300 bushels corn today.