Wednesday, 1st August, 1866

Quite a pleasant morning. Liv rode Mr. Cooke’s horse over, Fannie having gotten away from him, and came home ahead of him. – – Messrs. Cooke, Douglass and Pollard came on to breakfast and left in company with Bill about eleven for the C. H. to meet the parties there for the investigation of affairs. A very serious aspect is presented to us, but in as much as I have no control over it and it is not in my power to do anything in the case but to submit to everything, I will try to do so with resignation and as cheerfully as possible. Bill returned from the C. H. about 4 o’clk., found they could not proceed in consequence of some of the parties not attending. It is postponed till next Wednesday. – – Pigeo and Liv attended the singing at Acquinton. Mr. Sonny Waring returned with her.1With Warings scattered locally from New Kent to Essex Counties, finding the young Waring called “Sonny” has proven unsuccessful. He may be one of the two better identified Warings who will arrive at Woodbury in two days. Or not.