Thursday, 2nd August, 1866

Excessively warm today. Notwithstanding, Pigeo, Zac and Mr. Waring rode on horseback to Liberty Hall to spend the day and return at sunset to meet Mr. Grubbs, who promised them to spend the night. He came according to promise and we sat up till some time after eleven expecting them, but in vain. Something I suppose has turned up unexpectedly or they certainly would not treat a stranger in this way. – – Bill’s quite complaining, though he has not neglected his business. Capt. Bramble dined here. Finished putting corn aboard this evening, 497⅓ bushels, four hundred and ninety-seven and a half bushels, eighteen bushels peas and thirty-four pounds clean wool, and the same quantity unwashed, fifteen hogs. Filled bills of lading, and wrote to Israel M. Parr with an order for one piece bl. demertic, 50 lbs., sugar, 25 lbs. coffee, 1 sack fine salt and 2 gallons whiskey, prices stipulated.1Israel M. Parr & Sons are one of the largest commission merchants in Baltimore. – – Sold the Capt. a middling weighing 17 lbs. @ 25 cents per lb. Tom arrived from Mary’s tonight, went whortleberry hunting and got lost. He thought he would come by and see Mamma.