Saturday, 4th August, 1866

A very pleasant morning. Bill was taken with a chill soon after breakfast and went to bed and remained all day. Hauled wheat yesterday and today. The two Mr. Walkers left about 3 or 4 o’clk. They had to wait for the tide, as they • came in a boat. – – Liv killed a doz. birds and Martha picked them and got dinner. – – Tom is folding the potato vines this morning. – – Jim had meat for four weeks from this time. Gus Hill and Almira drove up about 6 o’clk. to spend the night.1Oh, the difference a comma would make. I will wait until looking at the original text at the VHS before trying to determine if two or three people spent the evening at Woodbury. I suspect who we have here are frequent visitors Beverley (Bev) Littlepage and James (Hill) King. Further, I suspect Alveria is Elvira, as in Miss Elvira Garrett. There don’t seem to be any likely Alverias in the neighborhood. However, Caroline does spell Miss Garrett’s name correctly in other entries. A puzzlement. CORRECTION: We needed more than a comma. This is brother and sister Gus and Almira Hill; they have visited Woodbury before.