Sunday, 5th August, 1866

A very pleasant morning. Almira and Gus left for protracted meeting at Acquinton, and Pigeo and Zac for Zion. I remained at home on acct. of Bill’s sickness, and Nan for another reason. Bill and Pigeo returned to dinner, both having had a chill, or rather chills. Nan and I took a walk to the quarters to see Clarissa, and to the spring to have some watermelons put in the spring box that Liv gathered before leaving for Ju’s, where he took dinner and will spend the night. – – We encountered a Capt. of a vessel that was anchored out in front of the house and one of his men enquiring about grain. Bill remained in bed all day. Zac slept in the passage, Pigeo and Nan in the front chamber, and I in the back chamber.