Monday, 6th August, 1866

Liv returned to breakfast. Zac had gone to the barn to have the machine put down, though very unwell. Liv went there and I believe he retired from it and laid down. – – Sent Dandridge for Dr. Ju to see Bill. He came about ten and after prescribing, walked to the barn to see how the machine worked, having a new set of hands. There was necessarily some confusion. – – Tom left for Mary’s this morning. I should have hired him, but for his returning there. Nan trimmed her hat this morning, that was sent down from Rich. a few days ago, and Zac brought from Ju’s yesterday. Pigeo gave hers an overhauling. – – Ju left ½ past eleven. Gave Bill medicine every hour. – – I walked to the barn to come by the potato patch and was mortified to see how the hogs had rooted it up.