Tuesday, 7th August, 1866

A fine morning, very pleasant and a very great pity that Bill can’t be up to attend to his business. Liv and Zac are at the barn, where the servants are hauling wheat. Humphrey with some hands came to assist in threshing, but we shall not thresh till tomorrow. We hired ½ doz. of them to fix the fence round the wheat patch to turn the hogs in. We have the same five about the wheat we had yesterday. The hogs are so troublesome since we put them in pens, rooting potatoes and doing everything in their line of mischief. – – Dr. Ju came after dinner to see Bill this evening. – – Washington was taken with a notion to leave because Zac spoke to them. – – He came to see me with his trunk in hand. I asked him if he was sick again. He said no. I asked him what he was going to do with his trunk. He said nothing now and went on.