Sunday 12th August, 1866

Quite a pleasant day. Zac hitched the carriage and we all started to Church, but when we got to the Sandy Hill, George refused to go up and after many spritely attempts to persuade or compel him, as it was late, I left the children, Pigeo, Nan and himself with instructions to go on to Church if they could get up the hill, and at the same time got Bill to send there and assist in getting the carriage along. They got off after sometime and got to Church after preaching commenced. I returned to dinner in good time. Had sweet potatoes today, but they are suffering very much for rain. Patsy cooked dinner and supper. Martha and Clarissa spent the morning at Enfield. Bill improves slowly. Paddled the boat down to Mr. Henley’s this morning to inform him that his hogs were destroying the corn in quantities. Pigeo had a chill after supper.