Wednesday, 15th August, 1866

The weather quite warm again. Pigeo is much better since the action of medicine. She is in bed all day tho’ Zac went to work on the carriage again this morning before starting to the singing school. Bill dug some potatoes for dinner. I doubled cotton for Martha to twist. Wrote three letters to send by Tom to Rich., one to Mary, Hardie and Bake. I enclosed Sallie Wright’s letter to Bake also. He started after dinner. Liv’s gone to Walkerton Mill fishing. Hauling oats today, finished. Zac returned to supper and Mr. Grubbs with him to spend the night. Will go to his Rappahannock school in the morning.1 Pigeo nor Nan, neither went out. The latter complained of toothache and Pigeo has not left her bed. All retired early. Liv returned to supper.

Memorandum of Nannie’s Things For School at “Piedmont,” Feb. 18672

Five winter dresses, scarlet, figured and pink muslin, silk calico and Alpaca

  1. Mr. Grubbs may be associated with the well-known Rappahannock Academy in Caroline County. However I have been unable to confirm a connection, or, for that matter, learn anything about Mr. Grubbs. More research, and luck, is needed.  (back)
  2. Note: Caroline evidently wrote this on an open place in the journal well after this  day’s entry.  (back)
  3. The used of the term Swiss here would suggest a sleeveless summer dress.  (back)
  4. It is unclear whether Caroline means a balmoral bonnet or a pattern.  (back)
  5. Probably Caroline means a woman’s full loose hip length jacket.  (back)
  6. As Caroline mentions the Swiss bodies – bodice? – here she likely means a sleeveless undergarment.  (back)
  7. Does Caroline mean pearl?  (back)
  8. Telmaque Reader is likely a French language volume based on this.  (back)