Friday, 17th August, 1866

Cool enough for fire half the day. – – Patsy washed two bags of wool, one weighed 20 and the other 15 lbs. Then got dinner and cut down weeds in the yard in the evening. Jim brought a load of wood in the morning and Addison cut some for the stove and chamber. – – Martha cleaned four candlesticks. Bill rode to see some persons to try and ascertain something in relations to the old Meredith’s suit and hire of slaves, returned to dinner. – – Liv killed 3 squirrels before breakfast. – – Jack Cooke came about sunset and staid till eleven. All the children played and sung in the parlor till that time. I left the room before they did and retired after taking a dose of spt. turpentine. Nan has had a crick in her neck all day.