Monday, 20th August, 1866

A quantity of rain during the night. Hope Bill will be able to commence fallowing for wheat. – – Had some apples peeled and cut off this morning, Mr. Cooke was kind enough to give me. Patsy peeled and Pigeo and Nan assisted some. I cut them off. – – Bill and Liv went fishing this morning. Zac went to the barn and got out an ox chain to pull the weeds down in fallowing. He started Jim and Washington at it. – – Patsy chopped some weeds in the garden after dinner. About sunset Miss Henley and the two Mr. Walkers, Melville and William, came on a boat and spent several hours. Left some time after supper. – – Liv dined at Enfield. Bill rode to Acquinton and returned to Enfield, and both returned after dark. – – Got 3 lbs. sugar at 18¾ cts. – – Liv retired as soon as he came. Bill made a light supper. He has been complaining all day, and I think is very impudent. The company left at eleven. Loaned Jennie a wadded cape, such a heavy dew is falling. – – Commenced fallowing today.