Tuesday, 21st August, 1866

The weather pleasant. Very much like fall. I have so much to employ me. Every morning it’s ten o’clk. before I have time to sit down. I was in the garden reading my Bible when the Col. came about that time. He spent an hour or so. He and I had a settlement. – – I owed him ten dollars to close with. He left before dinner. Would see Pigeo and Nan before leaving. Told them if they had not come out and were too sick, he should have gone in their chamber. He wished to be considered as one of the family. – – Bill is very complaining today. Gave him Calomel tonight. – – Mr. Cooke came late this evening to escort Pigeo on horseback to Mr. Hope to call on Lu. They returned about eleven and he went on home. Zac was anxious to have gone, but I persuaded him that it would be very bad to ride a horse at night that had been ploughing all day. He became reconciled. He and I sat up late and had a long talk in the front porch on different subjects.