Wednesday, 22nd August, 1866

Quite a pretty day. Pigeo got ready about ten to attend the singing at Acquinton. Mr. Cooke, by promise, accompanied her on horseback. I made some cake. Had a chicken boiled and gave them a nice snack to carry. – – Zac and Nan went in the buggy and drove Shakespeare. All returned at twilight, i.e. Pigeo, Messrs. Cooke and Walker, Zac and Nan sometime after. Pigeo had a chill and high fever and her horse became unmanageable, and she came very near being thrown. Ran some distance with her before she was able to take him up. She will ride a wild horse and I am afraid something serious will happen to her one of these times. Children are so headlong and headstrong nowadays. – – Bill has been much better today under the treatment, but had a slight rise of fever this evening and I thought it best to give him another dose of Calomel tonight. His tongue is foul withall. Gave him Jalap and Rhubarb this morning, and quinine till two o’clk. – – Jim, Washington and Addison are fallowing today. Liv returned to dinner from Mt. Hope. – – Came across those refunding bonds yesterday evening from Dugar’s Estate.1A refunding bond is issued for the purpose of retiring an outstanding bond. They are issued to reduce financing costs during periods of declining interest rates, eliminate covenants, and alter maturities.