Thursday, 23rd August, 1866

Pleasant weather. Zac went to the field and returned to breakfast after we had finished. – – Bill seems to be doing very well this morning, and gave him quinine and another dose of Jalap and Rhubarb. – – Jimmie Spiller came to spend the day with Zac. Went to the field to find him. – – Liv went to a sale in King and Queen, Mr. McLelland.1We first were introduced to the McLelland family of King and Queen County back on 9 January, ’65 through Evelyn [Quarles] McLelland, wife of Benjamin Whatcoat McLelland, eldest son of Rev. Hezakiah McLelland, Methodist. More recently, on 1 May of this year, we met in a footnote Martha Cole [McLelland} Shackford, wife of Methodist minister Rev. John William Shackford. Martha, at this point, is the only surviving daughter of Hezakiah. Of the three sons of Hezakiah mentioned in the 9 January footnote, only Benjamin would survive the war. The youngest, Enoch George McLelland, who had moved to Alabama, died 14 May, 1864 at the Battle of Resaca, Georgia. Thomas Coke McLelland, who like brother Benjamin was a POW, ended up in a different camp and died of typhoid. As Thomas and Liv had been in that same camp, Point Lookout, and Liv attended the sale, it is likely this event was held at the farm of this McLelland, for the benefit of his wife Elizabeth (Betty) [Saunders] McLelland and their four children. The Bulletin of the King & Queen Historical Society, July 1977, devotes the entire issue to Rev. Hezakiah McLelland. While his children are mentioned briefly, and some of the information about them is in error, it is a good introduction to the family and Methodism in the County. – – Bill became a little low spirited this evening and insisted on sending for Dr. Ju. Jimmie Spiller said he would call and see him and request him to come down. He arrived while we are at supper. Gave Bill a pill and said he thought he was in a very good condition. His mouth was becoming quite sore and it made him very impatient. – – I gave Pigeo two pills, blue mass, and made up about 25 or 30 grains of quinine into pills for her to take in the morning. Washington had a chill also. – – He ploughed the turnip patch this morning to replant them as they came up so scattering. – – I cut out a shirt for Zac today, but I don’t know it’s possible I can do any sewing when I can’t find time to sit down a minute at a time during the day scarcely.