Saturday, 25th August, 1866

Pleasant day. I arose early as usual this morning and had breakfast ready at sunrise in order to attend to the sick ones before going to Canton, where Zac will accompany me to transact some little business. Carried a middling and ham of bacon weighing 26 lbs. by my balances, but only 20 lbs. by Mr. Slaughter’s. He must have made a mistake, or I cannot account for it. Purchased 50 lbs. sugar @ 13 cts., and oz. quinine @ $4, and some other little things. Found Nannie Lewis and Mr. Cooke here on my return. They left before dinner. Zac went to Walkerton Mill. Got me an oz. Peruvian bark. Mr. H. Acree returned with him and both went in the boat to Mr. Henley’s to call on some young ladies. – – The sick ones, Bill, Liv and Pigeo, improve slowly. The two former walked to the potato patch today, a nice parcel potatoes. They are getting very fine.