Tuesday, 28th August, 1866

A rainy, fine morning. Sold Dandridge ½ doz. chickens @ 30 cts. a piece and ½ bushel meal @.$2.40 pr. bushel. Capt. Bramble came up about eleven. Landed the goods we sent to Baltimore for, one keg Lager beer, 50 lbs. sugar, 25 lbs. coffee, 2 gallons whiskey, one piece bleached domestic and one sack fine salt, which they carelessly allowed the tide to rise over to some extent, and I am afraid has injured it. Jim came from the field to get his dinner and brought it to the house. The rest of the things Tom brought when they were landed. – – Patsy ironed part of the clothes in the back chamber. Jim brought a load of wood this morning and the three, himself, Washington and Addison, fallowed the rest of the day. – – I had quite a late dinner today and no supper. Bill’s still at Ju’s.