Wednesday, 29th August, 1866

The weather continues seasonable and fine. The fallowing is going on by Jim, Washington and Addison, but I can’t say how fast it progresses, as they are all alone to themselves. I walked to the quarters about eleven. Saw Dandridge there. Let him have some oats for his mule. He came in to the house and dug a bushel potatoes, 56 lbs., which he will take to Richmond and sell for me. – – Harriett came for more cotton for socks, brought one pair. Mag sent a note by Horace requesting me to send her some potatoes, peas, &c for tomorrow, and an invitation to dine. The Col.’s family will dine there. Nan had a chill today. – – Mr. Cooke came and brought me a nice parcel muskmelons. Jimmie Spiller spent the day. They all, Liv, Zac and Jimmie, went shooting sora, only killed 9. – – Liv had 12 bushels wheat fanned up and put in bags to carry to Mill tomorrow. – – Gave Nan blue mass.