Monday Morning 3rd September, 1866

A quantity of rain last night, with repeated thunderclouds during the night. The children slept very little on account of the severe thunder and vivid lightning. – – Pigeo had a chill before dinner. – – Addison is quite sick, but there was no necessity for a physician, but Patsy became alarmed and sent Martha for Ju. Had prescribed for him and given medicine from Saturday till this evening, Calomel, Jalap, tartar emetic and quinine, for which I charge one dollar. Ju came about 5 and gave him a powder, and left at 6. – – Bill’s fattening rapidly, but I don’t believe he appreciated the course of medicine I took him through, but gives Ju all the credit because he became alarmed and sent for him when I told him that a physician was not needed. – – He commenced drinking lager beer Sunday evening after returning from Richmond. He drew the money on Mr. Poe’s check and brought home $398.75 after paying a bill of $10 for Col. McLaughlin and some incidental expenses. I was up at the quarter this morning before sunrise to try and get Jim to go to Mr. Robin’s Mill for the flour. Told Liv yesterday that it was all ready, but he made up his mind that he did not intend to go. Said he had a chill yesterday. Dandridge paid me money he got for the bushel potatoes in Richmond, $2.45 cts.