Saturday, 8th September, 1866

A very pleasant morning. Well, I did not close my eyes last night thinking of the separation about to take place between my dear child and myself this morning. – – All were up in good time, and he was ready to start at eight o’clk. in the buggy for the stage. Washington drove George. I try to bear it as well as possible, but I grieve immoderately. He was an affectionate, tender-hearted child. – – Liv walked down from Ju’s and dined, and was glad to see him for I felt so sad. I was looking over some papers in the desk for a refunding bond given in the Case of Meredith’s, but I could not find it. Monday is the day for all parties concerned to meet. Bill walked up with Liv to Ju’s after dinner. Gave him $5 to pay Mr. Slaughter’s bill, not thinking we owed half that amount. – – He returned to supper. – – Paid Washington $10. I retired early. Didn’t go to supper was so sleepy, not having closed my eyes the night before. – – Pigeo and I washed the carriage windows, and Jim and Washington put it in the house. Liv and Zac pulled it out two or three days ago. – – I feel very sad parting with Liv this evening. – – It seems to me now that every little thing saddens me more than ever, am more easily cast down.